One view is that history is what happened in the past and it cannot be retrieved, nor completely known or understood.

The question now is what history are we keeping ?, Are they record breaking ?, Trail blazing ?, or are they pitiful, and dispiteful ?.

What are we going to be remembered for in the time to come. where we worthy representatives of God’s servant or better children of the world.

Are we kingdom promoters or kingdom destroyers. i dare us to ask ourselves all this and at the end give truthful answers to ourselves to know our placements.



Rewards are good,  but inheritance are better, what are we inheriting from God from the history we are keeping ?, are we on God’s payroll.




Inspired by the spirit



Don’t quit, its too early to give up, these were the words coming from my dying brain, the weight on your shoulder is to make you a stronger man, every breath might seems like a battle to you, but i want to assure you that you can make it, you can survive, for as long as the stars still shine, then you would definitely survive, don’t forget how oprah winfrey was when she gave birth o, you have failed all the test of life and you think its over, My dear NO,

hmnnmnmnmnmnm, let me unravel something for you just like a mother unravel cheese balls for a desperate hungry child, Perseverance is failing 19 times and passing the 20th time , See my my hand across waving to you, there is no late coming in the school of life, every one has their own questionn papers to answer, don’t be intimidated, rather let another man’s story gear you up, awaken you from slumber, those heroes, and folks you envy, and want to be like were once from barren and unrecognized environ, you are a king in your own calibre, don not quit,

Remember this, there is someone out there using you as a point of contact, praying to be like you, talk like you, dress like you, have at least 60% of your reasoning mentality. Now if you quit and give up, do you know how many generations will suffer it, and follow suit, you are limitless, you are a book somebody is reading, so likewise me, am reading you, rather be angry and make it. I LOVE YOU, your hand can impact millions.


Ayoade john



You know that time when you are really pressed & you could literally release the contents of your bladder or bowels at any given opportunity.

Well it is that very “moment” I’m talking about. Only this time I’m talking about the content of your Heart, your DREAMS!!!!! Yes I said you should let it out. Go right ahead and bring forth that book, record that song, start the painting, I mean go right ahead and START.

The only Dream that turns to reality is the one you start. Don’t bother about every little detail as regarding the process of ARRIVAL, rather focus on the ALL-IMPORTANT but often neglected point of STARTING. I even daresay it is the most important step involved in any endeavour.

Have you noticed that there seems to always be a reason why you shouldn’t start anything you put your heart to? That is so because the human mind is a creature of habit & leisure; this invariably means it loves to lounge and relax in the euphoria of nothingness. So whenever you have a dream bubbling up on your insides, do grab a pen or some form of writing material and scribble down those ideas as they come.

You are already on your way to GREATNESS. How do I know? You are receiving this message is how I Know.



Sacrifice and service are not contagious,its individual choice.the fact that your father or your mother render these these guys does not mean, you will also. Permit me to drive you down SACRIFICE LANE.

Sacrifice is that major thing you do or render that leaves your hand but stays around the corner or yoour life,though you might not see it, render it, But here is the big question, Are you ready to sacrifice whatever it is/??,even to your last breath, Have lived to discover this,What we are scared of sacrificing, is that one one thing GOD wants us to sacrifice, so that we he can bless, but we are scared of sacrificing it, thinking we are comfortable,when we are not even in comfort talkless of table, So therefore release that thing, Time, money, car, gadgets, smile, compliment ,AM SORRY statement,its not going to devalue you remember, but reposition you for his ultimate blessing, you have been binding the spirit, thinking its the evil spirit talking, no, he wants you to realign to his ultimate blessing, Sacrifice that one thing, and you will be suprised how things will skyrocket in your favor, here is  another question for you, CAN YOU FIGHT GOD,why are you still in that position, when there is something you can use as a bait, After God gave Abraham ISAAC in his old age, and the same GOD asked him to sacrifice him, wao, if it were to be you, you will rather enter 3 days fasting fighting the unknown, remember that “No sacrifice makes you comfortable” , sacrifice your time pray for that weak fellow, smile those in depression, sacrifice your comfort for them and see within the twinkle of an eye, what is going to happen, Do not wait any further, DO IT NOW, sacrifice it and save it in the heaven bank that multiplies than an earthly bank. WAIT NO FURTHER. The blessing of job in the last chapter was many times better than the beginning, he sacrificed his comfort to pray for his friends.









Ego a sense of self-importance.so many relationships,family and more today, don’t die a natural death they are murdered by “EGO”I choose to call it self pride.You feel nobody is as important as you sometimes it comes up at an individuals ability to do something creative and is being loved by others but I strongly believe and see every possibility to tame this.it all lies here “when u run alone it is called race,but when u run with God it is called Grace”so for every achievement u have made,for every comment you receive acknowledge God first. Because if not for him we are nothing.Also always respect others opinion no matter how irrelevant,don’t count it as failure but as a step to get what u want.sometimes its just a test from the enemy to see his strong we are but,I tell u if the devil cannot regret regret the day you were born,instead celebrate your existence then you are not living Godly life of purpose.finally pray until something happens cos if u have nothing to offer in life,you suffer.The earlier the better.


(EGO) some even call other individuals egocentric individuals but to me i termed it as Enemy Get Overpowered and to some its termed Enemy Gets On   Now its in two stages
1. Enemy Get Overpowered
2. Enemy Gets On

  1. Enemy Get overpowered

As we all know that we waged war not against physical battles but against the dark forces thats why it was writeen that the weapon of our warfare is not carnal. When you get the enemy overpowereed; you have overcome the battles already
Alber Einstein once said “More the knowledge,lesser the Ego,lesser the knowledge,More the Ego
Goin spiritual; the story of prophet elisha and Naaman a commander of a whole Army in (2Kings 5) had it been he wamted to show his EGO, he would have end upliving with the leprosy for life but he neglected his EGO and went to to wash himself in the jordan river seven times at first his Ego, wanted to have dominion over him but he realised and was conscious about the prophet and immediately he washed himself in the river he was made whole

Neglect your EGO,you and your neighbour gad a dispute and because of your profession (GM in a bank) and your neighbour is just a street barber and because of your hign status and in the cause of this matter you bare the one at fault and the next thing u said was that HOW WILL I TELL HIM SORRY ?, WHO IS HE BY THE WAY ? sir my answer to your question is that hes also a human being like you.
Watchout for Part 2